Matt Deighton – Public Speaker

unnamedMatt Deighton is an entrepreneur whose ventures have included a popular Texas restaurant and, more recently, the manufacture of a boutique condiment called Duck Salt, which he markets direct to fundraising groups across the USA. After his home was destroyed in the Greensburg, Kansas EF5 tornado in May of 2007, he began work as the official Volunteer Coordinator during the cleanup and rebuilding, directing the efforts of some 14,000 volunteers who flocked to Greensburg to help. Over the past seven years he and his Dalmatian, Molly, (who’d become an iconic Greensburg resident) continued working voluntarily, latterly spending much of their time devoting their energies to meeting children in areas rebuilding after disasters, and distributing Stars of HOPE for the New York Says Thank You Foundation – work that carried the pair of them to disasters in Missouri, Minnesota, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Georgia, New York, Newtown, Connecticut, San Bernardino, California, and Sendi, Japan. Matt and Molly would even be seen on the Red Carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, and on The History Channel’s; American Pickers. Though Molly passed away in December 2013 at aged 14, she is already immortalized in Matt’s children’s book about the Greensburg disaster, Molly and the Tornado, and his second book; Molly and the Stars of Hope.